Fighting the Good Fight

Saturday, January 21st 2017.  

A worldwide movement took place.  The Women's March.  Beautiful women from all walks of life took center stage in Los Angeles underneath the clear blue skies to take a stand for equality.  It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever witnessed in my life.

I'm not normally one to speak out but at a time like this, I believe everyone should let their voice be heard.  No matter who you are.  And if you haven't chose a side yet, now is the time.  The fact that there's a misogynist, bigot, and a racist at the head of the strongest country on earth disgusts me.  How can America come down to this?  It's f*cking embarrassing.  It just shows that the country is still divided and that ignorance is at an all time high.  Hate stands tall but Peace & Love stands taller.  

The Presidential Inauguration took place the day before the Women's March.  And clearly the turnout for the Women's March was much higher than the Inauguration.  But apparently these "Alternative Facts" state otherwise.  WE all witnessed the beautiful movement that was spear-headed by women at the Women's March.  WE know the truth.  WE the people (and sane Americans) understand that our country was on the verge of picking up momentum in the past eight years to create change for a better world.  Don't let the momentum stop.  This movement must keep going in order to fight corruption and continue the journey to spread peace and love throughout the world.  Let your voice be heard.  Say what you gotta say.  Stand up & fight for not only yourself, but for your friends, family, neighbors, and all the good people that make this country as great as it is & can be.  

I stand with Woman, Men, the LGBTQ Community, Muslims, Latinos, Blacks, and most importantly the Human Race.

I was brought into this world by a woman, you were brought into this world by a woman, where's the equality at?