Name of the Game.

A little late on closing out 2017

2017 is over with.  And now it's 2018.  That piece of shit Trump is still commander in chief, I'm casually swimming my way through being in debt, social media is at an all time high, I still can't understand some of these mumble rappers, and pot is legal in California (yerrrp!!).  A few highlights for me was finally having the balls to get rid of my digital camera and strictly shoot film.  Why?  Because film fucking rules.  I'm taking it upon myself to slow my photography down and to concentrate on what I'm shooting & to create a photograph, not take one.  Substance over content.  And all out fuckery.

I also left my job in media after a bumpy 4 years.  Being apart of a commercialized industry that monetizes itself off of young, athletic, and promising talent was something I couldn't be apart of.  An on-going issue that has been exploited in certain areas and has cost people and young athletes their careers.  And I'm not okay with that.  I had to leave.  I left behind an industry that was beginning to boom.  & I wanted no part in it. 

Here I am now.  On with the bullshit & continuously going against the grain because I like it.  So here are a shit load of photos to close out 2017.  Peace.